Solaray Zinc Picolinate to Treat Cystic Acne

Of all the acne conditions affecting man, cystic acne is the most painful and irritating. Cystic acne may result in scars if scratching or squeezing takes place. Whenever the skin pores clog, there is inflammation of the sebaceous glands as well as the hair follicles causing whitehead, pimples or blackheads on parts of the body such as the back, chest, buttocks, groins and face. When scratching or squeezing takes place, bumps, which are already bacteria prone, will rupture causing pimples.

Zinc Treatment for Cystic Acne

One treatment many dermatologists are turning to is zinc. Zinc is an essential mineral for the body and works well for healing wounds, controlling inflammation, tissue growth and the development of healthy skin. For good results, an individual may have to continue taking zinc for approximately one to two months, depending on each person’s skin.

When taking zinc topically, if results are not seen using 50 mg with each meal, then it is best to increase the dosage to about 100 to 150 mg and expect to see results in about three months. If positive results are not forthcoming after taking 150 mg of zinc, then with the advice of a physician lower the intake to about 15 to 30 mg daily with meals, along with enough copper and other remedies.


A company that offers zinc treatment in the form of vitamins, minerals and herbs is Solaray. There is a wide variety of specialty products available for sale by this company and their research team is still researching new ones.

Solaray zinc picolinate products have to go through rigorous testing as well as  screening protocols. When taken for the treatment of cystic acne, they provide the minerals that the body needs to fight bacteria. By taking Solaray zinc vitamins, supplements, herbs and minerals regularly for a period, people suffering from the effects of cystic acne will see their skin improve to one of beauty and health.

Diet Intake

People eating more zinc in their diet intake such as whole grains, eggs, soybeans, mushrooms, legumes, fish, poultry and sunflower seeds are able to lower the risk of having cystic acne. In addition, including herbs rich in zinc picolinate such as cayenne pepper, alfalfa or nettle, as well as drinking lots of chamomile or dandelion teas will help to lower the risk of developing cystic acne.

Although there are natural remedies, over-the-counter drugs and prescribed medication available for the treatment of cystic acne, people using Solaray supplements will increase their chances of getting rid of the acne conditions. Getting beautiful skin once more should be everyone’s goal.

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