Progesterone Cream Can Help Cystic Acne- is It True

What is Progesterone?

Progesterone is secreted by the empty egg follicle after the process of ovulation. It causes a number of things to occur in the body surrounding the menstrual cycle. It aids in preparing the egg to be fertilized, prevents the body from creating and releasing more eggs. It also prevents early contractions before birth. Similarly, progesterone assists with menopausal related symptoms. The cream was created to ease women’s discomfort during menopause, premenstrual syndrome and premenopause.

Can the Progesterone Cream Help Cystic Acne?

Progesterone cream can in fact help cystic acne. It helps in skin rejuvenation and assists with acne that arises from hormonal imbalances. It must be noted that in some cases progesterone has induced acne during the premenstrual stages. It has been found to be useful in the alleviation of cystic acne problems. However it is not for everyone. By reducing the estrogens in the body and taking progesterone, it can help in avoiding acne. As a person gets older, progesterone decreases. Therefore to assist with or avoid cystic acne, the cream deems to be valuable. It is recommended that females over 35 can consider using the cream. It is encouraged that the remedy be initiated in stages. An initial dosage will be given and then over a six month to twelve month period, dosages can be re-evaluated based on its effects.

Dermatologists suggest that ladies apply the dosage into thin skinned regions on the body, including the wrist, soles and the rest of the feet, and inner thighs. This application also includes rubbing it directly onto the affected areas (where the cysts appear).

Side Effects

In learning about this cream, your doctor or dermatologist will have to prescribe what is most suited for your needs and stage of cystic acne. By applying too much of the cream, it can cause further hormonal problems, thus possibly making the cystic acne worse. Avoid applying the cream to places that will absorb it easily as the body will store the progesterone from the body-fat cells. Natural progesterone, as against the synthetic progesterone, will also pose problems as the body will reject the synthetic (unnatural) elements causing headaches, loss of sex drive, depression and mood swings, skin rashes, hair loss, heart problems as well as others.

The cream may be helpful, however, have the proper discussions with the professionals about what suits your situation best.

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