How to Reduce Cystic Acne Redness and Swelling

 Cystic acne is a serious concern for people who want to keep their faces looking young and beautiful. The face may become pimpled, show clogged pores and attract bacteria which, when inflammation gets worse, begins to produce red skin tones in the area. Trying to reduce cystic acne and the redness it produces to affected spots is a problem to some people that are affected by cystic symptoms. Following are some tips which provide information about how to get rid of cystic acne and the redness it causes.

Wash Your Face

Find a mild cleanser that is not oily and wash your face once or twice a day. Do not scrub with harsh, dry soap and do not apply facial masks, as these methods will make the problem worse.

Use Tea Tree Oil and Aloe Vera

Tea tree oil combined with aloe vera is a way for reducing cystic acne and redness caused by the condition. When applying tea tree oil and aloe vera to the cystic acne area, you must mix both substances together to form a gel. To do this add ½ teaspoon tea tree oil to 10 teaspoons of gel from the aloe vera and thoroughly mix together until it becomes a paste, then apply to acne affected areas with your fingers. If there is any left over gel, you can store it in the refrigerator.

Niacinamide Gel

Niacinamide gel prescribed by a doctor is an effective way of dealing with cystic acne and the redness produced. Niacinamide gel applied to the skin two times daily and over a period of two months will reduce the cystic acne and redness.


Ice not only reduces swelling but also is good for reducing cystic acne and redness. To use effectively, take clean cotton and wrap one cube of ice in it then place to rest on the pimple for three minutes. If ice is left for longer than three minutes, it may irritate your skin so make sure to let it rest on the pimple for only that length of time.

Eye Drops

After applying ice to the pimple, use some eye drops on the spot and leave to dry. This process will reduce the cystic acne pimple only for a couple of hours, so make sure to repeat as necessary.

Reducing cystic acne and getting rid of acne redness on the face is a priority for everyone troubled with acne symptoms. Still, the process is not impossible to accomplish, especially when the reward is a beautiful and healthy looking face.

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