How to Reduce Cystic Acne Redness and Swelling

Cystic acne is one of the most painful skin problems one can endure. These cysts can get as large as 5mm in size, and the area around the cyst can be quite painful. In most cases of severe acne problems, certain procedures have to be followed to ease pain and minimize further damage to the skin. Once you learn how to relieve cystic acne redness and swelling, the pain will subside.

Options for Healing Acne Cysts

The area around an acne cyst is usually red and swollen. This is usually a sign that the area is infected; when touched it becomes even more painful. The pain associated with cystic acne can be quite overwhelming. Knowing how to deal with it, however, can also be a challenge.

Benzoyl Peroxide Treatment

Benzoyl Peroxide is one of the most widely used treatments for regular acne, as well as for cystic acne. It is the active ingredient in many popular acne creams and facial washes  used to treat skin that is severely affected by acne. These creams and washes are applied directly to the affected area in an effort to reduce painful swelling.


Toothpaste is not only effective for killing bacteria in the mouth; it is also very effective at killing  the bacteria found in acne. Toothpaste is a very effective spot treatment for acne. It may sting, but it dries acne up quickly. Applying it to the cysts and leaving it on for some time will aid in the healing process and rapidly reduce the swelling.

Doctor’s Incision

Some acne cysts refuse to pop on their own. Using your fingers to help an acne cyst along is not a good idea; while doing so does remove the pus from the cyst, it will likely also cause deep skin tissue damage. Having a doctor treat the condition by numbing the area, then making an incision and remove what the cyst contains is a safer procedure. This method reduces the swelling, and when combined with prescribed medication, the pain will also soon disappear.

Cortisone Injection

An injection for acne does sound rather painful, but having to endure the severe pain associated with an acne cyst is far worse. An anesthetic is applied to the area and then cortisone is injected into the cyst. This method takes care of the problem from within. Cortisone injections are quite popular for treating severe acne problems and they work faster than the chemical cortisone that is found in our bodies. The cysts usually heal very quickly after the injection is administered.

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