Can Preparation H Help with Cystic Acne

Skin Problems

People will experience some kinds of skin problems at some time in their lives because the skin is the body’s most exposed organ. Many things can affect the skin both internally and externally. One of the worst skin conditions that affects almost everybody is acne. Severe acne or cystic acne can be a literal pain to treat. One of the most unconventional acne treatments is Preparation H which was originally used for treatment of hemorrhoids. While many people find this to be an effective treatment, others wonder How Can Preparation H Help with Cystic Acne? 

What is Preparation H?

Preparation H is a medication used for treating the skin condition known as hemorrhoids. Preparation H has been around for years and has earned its status as one of the leading brands for hemorrhoid treatments. Though Preparation H has been used to tackle the problem of hemorrhoids, many persons have claimed that it also works on acne pimples.

How Does Preparation H Work on Cystic Acne?

Because it works on hemorrhoids by shrinking them, Preparation H is used on acne with the hope that it will have the same effect on acne cysts. The ingredients in Preparation H make it a likely treatment for acne but it used to treat mild acne problems. It is used in a similar way to acne spot treatments and is applied directly to the areas of the skin that has been affected. It can reduce the swelling and inflammation on skin that has cystic acne problems. This returns some normalcy to the sebaceous gland and the production of sebum also goes back to a healthy level that is fit for the skin.

Non Prescription Acne Medication

To use Preparation H on cystic acne may not be advisable, however, because it can cause severe skin damage such as dryness, flaking or chapped skin. Skin suffering from acne cyst is already sensitive and normally requires the expertise of a physician to ensure more severe skin damage does not occur. The wrong medication on cystic acne may lead to scarring of the skin and ugly blemishes.

Using non medicinal products on the skin can lead to worsening skin conditions and deep tissue scarring that may also require certain surgical procedures to get rid of. Preparation H is originally produced to use in the treatment of hemorrhoids. Using it for any other purpose can cause that problem to worsen. You can save time and money by visiting a dermatologist first to treat your acne problems.

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